Rhapsody: Resimulated Halo Population for Statistical Observable-Mass Distribution Study

The Formation of Massive Galaxy Clusters

Simulations by Heidi Wu, Oliver Hahn, & Risa Wechsler
Visualization by Ralf Kaehler

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Rhapsody simulation of a galaxy cluster features in the Science Bytes series at PBS.org: Dark Matters!

KIPAC Research Highlight: Combining ROCKSTARS and MUSIC To Get a RHAPSODY


Rhapsody: I. Structural Properties and Formation History from a Statistical Sample of Re-Simulated Cluster-Size Halos
Wu, Hahn, Wechsler, Mao, Behroozi
2013, ApJ, 763, 70

Rhapsody. II. Subhalo Properties and the Impact of Tidal Stripping From a Statistical Sample of Cluster-size Halos
Wu, Hahn, Wechsler, Behroozi, Mao
2013, ApJ, 767, 23


This research was funded by the Department of Energy and Stanford University, and used computing resources at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.